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The new solution brings IP connectivity to existing industrial devices

ITEXPO, the world’s leading business technology event, presented the prestigious “Best of Show” award to the RS-M2M, or RuggedSmart Machine-to-Machine, an ingenious monitoring system designed to control industrial equipment as motors, pumps or luminaires using a telephone exchange through the Internet.

The innovative device provides small industries with a cost-effective tool to increase productivity and reduce costs, using their own IP telephony.

“There are thousands of small industries around the globe that need to add remote control features to their industrial equipment through IP technologies. The RS-M2M brings to them an affordable solution that was only available to big and mid-sizes companies that can purchase expensive equipment”, said Carlos Huerta, President of PLC International.

The RS-M2M integrates a software module installed in a telephone exchange or PABX, with a hardware converter that translates industrial protocols like Modbus to IP protocol SNMP, resulting a versatile unit that can set up controls and alarms, providing also valuable metrics.

“If for example a motor stops, the device will automatically send an alert by phone, email or text message, directed to the person in charge, Indicating what happened. It can also work as a control unit that is able to stop or reboot an engine, as commanded”, said Gustavo Scheveloff, CEO of HiperPBX.

This innovative product was the result of a teamwork of three leading technology companies: the software developed by HiperPBX; and the microprocessor-based converter for industrial and IP protocols, developed by PLC International, together with the visionary the market understanding of Juan Pablo Pazos, President of Xmartek.

“Our next step is to go out to the market” said Pazos. “This product goes to a cross-over market, and our main challenge will be to properly train the IP telephone integrators that will be our distribution channels.”

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