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Dealing with the complexity of voice communications in large enterprises requires special attention so as to obtain great results. Effective and efficient management is necessary when there are multiple branches, mobile work force and certain work groups that have specific communication requirements. Their needs must be met in the most effective and efficient way possible, failure to do so will automatically translate in to delayed projects and the dissatisfaction of the customer. Now there is a simple way to integrate all of the companies communications.

The solution is HiperPBX – HiperPBX’s corporate IP PBX systems allow the development of an infrastructure capable of solving all current and future problems in a simple way.

Obtain corporate advantages:

  • Integrate voice communications within the data infrastructure(LAN Network).
  • Have office extensions in IP phones distributed all over the world and the employees communicate with one another as if they were in the same office.
  • Cost reduction in operating and phone bill.
  • Generate trust from costumers with your costumer support.
  • Scalable systems.

More information is available in the corporate IP PBX system CP Series.